Elegantly simple email marketing

Emails are most powerful when they’re personalized. Our easy-to-use tools, yet powerful tools allow you to send hyper-targeted campaigns and deliver relevant content to the right person at the right time.


Test and measure the success of your campaigns

Get insights into how your emails are performing in real time with interactive analytics on campaign activity. See how your audience is engaging with your emails, sharing your content and which calls to action are most effective.

As soon as you launch your campaign, you can see where in the world your audience is opening, clicking and sharing your email. Plus, we display this all on a gorgeous full screen world map that you can share, all in real time.

The Campaign Monitor mobile app let’s you see how your campaigns are performing, add to your lists on-the-go, and even check out Worldview all from your iPhone. You can download the app on from the App Store or check out the whitelabel version to create your own custom-branded edition of the app.


For every email you’ll get a visual report of what links, buttons, and images are most clicked on to give insight into how your audience is interacting with your email and what you can do to optimize your future campaigns.

A/B Testing

Choose two subject lines or even two different email designs to test, pick the winning criteria and we’ll send the best performer.

Spam Tests

To avoid triggering spam filters, we pass your content through real spam filters at the desktop, server, and firewall level before you send it.

With our social reporting tools, you’ll know exactly how your audience is sharing and engaging with your email campaigns on social. We’ll show you who shared your email, and even what they said about it to their friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.
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Analyze who opens and interacts with your emails

In addition to campaign reports, we provide detailed analytics on how each recipient opens, clicks, and interacts with every email you send.

  • Client Reporting One of the hardest parts about email marketing is making every email look great in the dozens of email clients out there. Our email client report shows you exactly which email clients your recipients are using down to the contact level.