What does a User eXperience designer do from 9 to 5?

Well .. a lot of things.. 

Hmmm.. let me thinkI drink coffee!I debug my codes!I make information architecture designsI implement security & encryption measures I research client's competitors & steal ideas!I take real users to test design ideas!

Most of the time I act as a webmaster because I have the full range of skills to run online projects, but my passion is to look at current & future user experiences to figure out how we can improve it.

I’m also a passionate WordPress Web Applications & WorkFlow Processes Developer.

User Experience Design

U = User
X = eXperience
UX = User eXperience
No matter what we design & tools we use; facts are:
UX – U = X 
Never take users out of the equation:
X = No Users

Workflow Form Processes

Paper is expensive, so is lack of  effective work process.  Investing in a good workflow automation tool can help reduce those expenses and free up room in the budget (and time for staff) so that your business can save money year round.

When looking at workflow automation solutions, make sure that it can handle the tasks you need and reduce (or eliminate) paper waste as much as possible.

WordPress Applications Development

WordPress websites offer much more than the few five or ten benefits you usually hear about. A blogging software-based website was termed as the new evolution of how websites are constructed. Now, WordPress is the content management system all websites and blogs are compared to.

Thousands of pre-written programs called plugins can increase the functionality of your out-of-the-box blog software. Traditional websites require everything to be programmed.

Even if you find an available PHP or ASP script to work with a traditional website, there is usually significant integration work and customizing required, whereas WordPress plugins are usually a 3-click install process. I tend to promote pro third party plugin vendors purchases as they maintain it for you with some code customizations for perfect integration.

  • Gravity Forms | Advanced Features | API

  • Gravity Flow | Inbox | Status | Audits | API

  • Gravity View | Front-end Databases

  • Gravity Scheduling

  • Peepso Private Social Community

  • The Event Calendar

  • User Activity Log Pro

  • LifterLMS Learning Management System

  • LifterLMS Advanced Quizzes

  • LifterLMS Gravity Forms Connector

  • Avada Theme Framework

  • Twilio Studio API Architecture Design

  • Twilio SMS Notification

  • Twilio SMS Reminders

  • Twilio Chat Bot

  • Twilio Programmable Voice

  • Twilio Programmable SMS Text

  • Twilio Video Meeting

  • Zoom Webinar System

  • AVChat Video Meeting

  • Screen Flow 7 & Vimeo

  • SmashBalloon Social Media

  • Campaign Monitor Email Marketing | API

  • AWS S3

  • VPS | Web Hosting Canada | DNS

  • WP Offload S3 | API

  • Mergebot | Version Control | API

  • Migrate DB Pro | API

  • Postman REST API

  • PHPMyAdmin PHP7 & SQL

  • WordPress Multisites Network

  • Mac WP DesktopServer

  • RED5 Media Server

  • Real Time Boards Collaboration Design

  • InVision Prototyping Design

  • Adobe XD Prototyping Design

  • WP Rocket

  • UpDraft Premium Remote Backup

  • UpDraft Central